Nelson Freitas, Juan Magan – Every Day All Day

Every Day All Day by: Nelson Freitas, Juan Magan

Executive Producer: Blue Blood Music
Production Company: Paperclips Media
Director: Paperclips Media
Co-Director: Jasmijn Kater
D.O.P.: Paperclips Media
D.O.P. Assistant: Luqman Awale
Editor: Paperclips Media
Gaffer: Paperclips Media
Editor Assistant: Nelson Freitas & Giselle Lopes Freitas
Produced by: Jasmijn Kater
Wardrobe/Stylist: Iris Jansen
MUA: Mee Lee Kimberly Cheong (GlammedByMeeYee)
Model: April M Jordan Entertainment
Dancers: Pure Amusement
Special thanks to: Restock & Jair Oliveira

Produced by: Boaz van de Beatz
Written by. Nelson Freitas, Juan Magan, Airic, Masspike “Wheeler”, Fred Sanders & Ike Jenkins
Mixed by: Boaz van de Beatz
Mastered by: Darius van Helfteren
Bass by: Quincell Adolphin

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© 2019 Nelson Freitas, Blue Blood Music, licensed to Universal Music


Nelson Freitas, Juan Magan – Every Day All Day