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Prod: Hi Five @hifive_production

Réalisateur: @hamadoufredericbalde
Chef Operateur: @benjaminramalho
Monteuse @erin__bowser
Etalonneur @guillaumeschmitter

Make-up / hair: @nadeenmatekyofficiel
Make-up (water): @ididthemakeup

Styliste Mayra: @oumeih
Styliste danseurs Dakar: @marchenoirlomeparis
Styliste danseurs Paris: @maia_._kemp

Chorégraphe: @carmelloanga

Danseurs Paris
@fe_roz @perebisou @_karimkh

Danseurs Dakar
@jsc_flame @salimatadi_op @pepe.walabok @ashleysalla @ayivorpeter @dope_mn56 @dexterbravoorootz @kirsner_cortex @radmila.rocha @kvl_kili @bbatg @nelda_hamchillia @jay_creator_

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Lyrics – PULL UP :

When I say yellow
They say “that’s not right”
When I take black
They line up with their two cents, saying
“It’s like this, it’s like that, that’s no good, you can’t do this
Watch how it will look, be careful!”
Pull up! Pull up!
Let me be free to be
What I really am
Cinnamon hued, a bitter candied orange
Cool whether I’m strong or weak, sweet or green with my prose
A madwoman in the crowd
Tell me, where do I know you from?
Pull up! Pull up!
The day I felt pink
They said “blue is better”
So I dressed in blue
And they all shouted “Purple is the color!”
I’m free whether you like it or not!
Pull up! Pull up!


Mayra Andrade – Pull Up