Boddhi Satva & Nelson Freitas – Goofy

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Five years after their first collaboration on “My Heart”, Boddhi Satva and the mighty Nelson Freitas aka Mr Magic are back with “Goofy”. Syncopated drums, laid back keys, powerful bass line, catchy lyrics and Mr Magic’s voice are set to make this song a timeless hit. Sung in English and Creole from Cape Verde, by Nelson “Goofy” is all about that epicurean life and the necessity to make and spend quality time away from the daily madness with your partner.

Directed: Rafael Duarte & Iuri Policarpo
Edition, Colour Grading: Rafael Duarte
Artistic Direction: Rafael Duarte, Iuri Policarpo and Boddhi Satva
Styling: Boddhi Satva, Rafael Duarte & Tekilla
Cast: Yara, Ana, Mery, Deisimara
Dancers: Gigi and Sango
Catering: Wagner Evora
Project manager: Nuno Valente
Eyewear sponsored by Andre Opticas
Location: Ferroviario Lisbon
Executive Producer: Boddhi Satva, Rafael Duarte & Iuri Policarpo

We’d like to thank Ferroviario for allowing us to use their beautiful space for the recording of the video as well as our team and Friends for the lovely vibe on set. We’d like to thank Giselle Freitas for a stunning critical vision allowing us to deliver this video. We also would like to thank Carlos Juvandes for the stunning mixing work on the record as well as Beryl Diane for connecting us with the splendidly talented Omar Mohammed who wrote together with Nelson those lovely lyrics.

Composed by Boddhi Satva & Nelson Freitas
Arranged by Boddhi Satva & Nelson Freitas
Lyrics Written by Omar Mohammed and Nelson Freitas
Vocals Mixed and Recorded by Carlos Juvandes
Covert Art by Galilea Guerrero for Estereoscopica
Animation by Yazmin Huerta for Estereoscopia
Label Management:
Publishing Offering Recordings Sub Published by Atal Music, Boddhi Satva @Sabam, N. de Freitas @BUMA, Nora Collective AS @TONO

I want to be Goofy with you,
late night sushi with you,
Go to Malibu
whatever whatever you want to do

No Moulin Rouge, I don’t need no paranormal view
as long as I, as long as I can look at you
parapapaa you make me, you make me feel so good

Like the way you talk
You’re so confident
magic when you move

Bó e nha cusinha
Bó e nha fofinha
menininha linda
tão bnitinha
Bó e nha cusinha
Bó e nha pretinha
tão bnitinha

Nelson Freitas…
Boddhi Satva

Rafael Duarte…
Iuri Policarpo…



Boddhi Satva & Nelson Freitas – Goofy