Boddhi Satva ft. Kaysha – Mama Kosa

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Liner Notes:
If there was ever a waited-on collaboration in the African Electronic Music sphere it’s this one. In the one corner we have Kaysha, the Kinshasa-born Zouk titan who relocated to France and eventually to Portugal where he is based.
In the other sits Boddhi Satva whose storied upbringing also took him from Central Africa to his adult life in Europe. Both share a unique worldly outlook that affords them a unique profile of supporters between them from places as far afield as the Middle East to the Caribbean. Both producers have circled each other in the many years spent cultivating a musical relationship. And now that the time is right, the two reward their fan bases’ collective anticipation on Boddhi’s new album Transition with the song Mama Kosa.
It’s a truly special occasion that warrants another first: Kaysha takes to the booth singing in his native tongue Lingala – something he has never done before.
From early in his career Kaysha learned how to seamlessly switch from genre to genre so conveying the ancestral message to a whole new audience will be effortless.
A little closer to home, Martin Atjazz jumps on board to contribute a remix to Mama Kosa sure to delight fans of the luminary House DJ/producer, and of good music across the board.

Video Credits:
Production: Afro Digital
Director: Johel Almeida
Director of Photography: Haroldo Correia
Director’s Assistant: Silvio Moreira
Production Assistant: Don P
Styling: Djanaina Shanisse & Roselyn Silva
Make Up: Flazia Miguel
Actor Directing: Grace Macedo
Post Production: Johel Almeida
Executive Producer: Boddhi Satva
Dancers: Afrotxilo
Location: LX Factory, restaurant “A Praça”

Song Credits:
Produced and Composed by: Boddhi Satva
Arranged by: Boddhi Satva
Vocals Written, Performed, Mixed and Arranged by: Kaysha
Song Mixed by: Boddhi Satva
Mastered by: Martin Iveson
Executive Producer: Boddhi Satva
Co Executive Producer: Louie Vega
Label Manager: Yves’Sifa
Executive Director: Boddhi Satva

Offering Recordings (Sub Published by ATAL Music), Luis F. Vega (Niconane, BMI), E. Mokolo/Sushiraw Publishing

Notable quote:
“What Boddhi Satva is in fact doing is moving Congolese Rumba past its 20 year Ndombolo stagnancy”
– Chief Boima (Africa is a Country)


Boddhi Satva ft. Kaysha – Mama Kosa